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The Power of Your Own Commissioned Animal Spirit Painting

Hummingbird spirit painting by Sandra Kunz

Commissioned painting by Sandra Kunz


40"wide x 36"high x 2" deep

Acrylic on Wood Panel


I created this animal spirit painting for a dear friend of mine. I believe I captured the energy of her hummingbird spirit and how it experiences love.

What an honour it is to do this work. The painting is titled "Belonging" and my friend is a hummingbird through and through. Before we started she knew that her animal spirit is a white bird she and so I that is where I started when I began the process. I tuned into her soul and realized that she is a hummingbird, a white hummingbird. and the way that she lives and IS made so much sense to me. The energies that motivate her soul and the gifts that she shares are a part of the medicine of the hummingbird and those energies were passed through into the painting as a powerful reminder to her on a daily basis.

The medicine of the hummingbird the appreciation of beauty, joy, harmony and creative energy, and they follow and live by these principals. People with hummingbird as their animal spirit are usually deep appreciators of the arts and most are artists to the core. She is a professional musician and she understands the value and necessity of art, music, nature and life. As friends we laugh together, a lot, and we acknowledge the humor in life. She often feeds the chickadees in the river valley and I have joined her a couple of times. There is nothing like little birds in your hands to bring the joy of life right into the palm of your hand. She goes out of her way to create beauty, joy and fun in her life.

The hummingbird in this painting is the divine feminine as it is open to receiving the gifts of the divine masculine. She is ready to be her creative self and to be supported and honoured by the divine masculine as she herself honours the gifts and energy of the divine masculine and what it brings to the union. They hold space for each other to be in their divine state for themselves and for each other.

These animal spirit soul paintings act as a reminder of what your truth is at your core. I create and channel these paintings just for my clients, and they are a pleasure for me to do.

How is your animal spirit a representation of your soul?

We are, at our deepest truth and reality, consciousness and consciousness wants to experience itself, so our soul is the individual expression of different aspects of consciousness. Each of our souls comes here with unique gifts and animal spirits are one way of looking at our gifts and also what we can do and learn to be more in alignment with our soul. The aspects of our soul that separate from the unity of the soul and consciousness because of adversity and trauma shows up as our ego and shadow aspects. The love and gifts of animal spirits can be accessed to help those fractured parts of us to evolve and integrate back into the wholeness of our eternal selves.

If you are interested in having a commissioned painting of your animal spirit please contact me at and we can connect to discuss this beautiful process.

Much love and many blessings, Sandra

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