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Exploring The Unknown

This is a sample card from the 'Healing the Masculine and Feminine' oracle deck that I am currently creating.

Opportunities are presenting themselves to you that are both exciting and bring up all kinds of fear and doubt within you. Sometimes they might not even look like opportunities but obstacles or conflicts that keep coming up over and over again. The reason this situation keeps presenting itself to you is because there is an opportunity to find a part of you that needs to be found within this experience. Be open to what it can be showing you about yourself and a truth within you that you have suppressed. Exploring the unknown and realising this part of you is a large part of your evolution in this lifetime.

This may not be an entirely easy journey as you might have many fears and limiting beliefs around this experience, but you will also start to feel alive and your life will feel like it has purpose and along with the fear you will have many more moments of soulful joy as you work through the fear and allow life to flow through you. You have probably been pushing it away for a long time as well but it keeps popping back up. It might not be exactly the same experience but the feelings of fear, doubt, frustration, sadness or grief will be the same and it will feel like you keep hitting the same walls with no solutions in sight. There is a solution but it is coming from a truth within you that you are now ready to accept and honour.

The first step is to ask yourself if any part of you or your higher self may have different beliefs around the experience than what you have been living and expressing. Ask yourself if your fear around this situation is the truth or is it possible that your fear is keeping you from fully experiencing yourself and your life. This is more about having needs within you that have not been met because of conditioning that is not yours or part of your belief system. They are someone else's beliefs and they are keeping you stuck in a rut in your life that you will not get out of unless you take a leap and start on this path one step at a time. This is both known and unknown territory. Your soul knows how to do this but your ego is telling you that it is unsafe because you have not done it before and it could change your life. This is your life though and it is time to start making choices that thrill you and also scare you. Notice your fear but take it by the hand and guide it.

We also just need to try new things to see what resonates with us and often we can be surprised. There will be mistakes and blunders along the way but be honest and vulnerable with yourself and know that it is part of the growing journey. It is a process of feeling our feelings, questioning our thoughts and beliefs and practising new beliefs while looking for evidence of what may actually be true and in alignment with our soul. This is a warrior's journey. Take baby steps if necessary, but take them. Consider this a time when it is necessary for you to be selfish and to put your needs ahead of others to move through this.

Life is not about being perfect. It’s about living.

Masculine: This is primarily a masculine aspect. Your masculine energy in this situation is moving you forward by being comfortable with taking risks despite fear. It holds space for the feminine to feel her fear safely and to and experience herself through that emotion. It allows you to move through this process making conscious choices. Our masculine energy supports the life energy of the feminine and is ok with making mistakes as a part of the learning and growing process.

Feminine: This will allow your life force to flow through you which is an aspect of your feminine energy. When we deny ourselves the opportunity to venture forth into uncharted territory and to live the way our soul wants to live we can feel like our life has no purpose and we feel 'dead' inside.

A message about this deck

This deck is being created by Sandra Kunz, the maker of The Messenger Cards. It's been a long time coming for me. I knew that I wanted to create another oracle deck but all of the moving parts didn't come together until recently. You are ready when you are ready, right? What I realise now is that I needed more life experience and expansion before I could have the tools to create this deck so the timing is only as it can be. I had a few ideas for decks that I was rolling around in my head but it felt like I was 'trying' and if I know anything, creating can't feel like trying. It needs to feel more like inspired action.

I also wasn't sure what artistic process and medium I was going to use for the images. If you are familiar with my process for creating my artwork for The Messenger Cards you would know that each painting took me 20 to 50 hours to create not only did I not really want to spend that amount of time on each image I also wanted the artwork to be different. So, just as usual, the Universe had the solution right in front of me. I had started my Intuitive art workshops about a year and a half ago and as it turns out it is the perfect process and medium for these images, and it's refreshing to be creating a completely different style of artwork that serves the oracle deck and it's messages well.

The purpose of this deck is for the connection, awareness and balancing of our Masculine and Feminine energy which ideally work intrinsically together within each of us to feel like creative, confident, gifted, abundant, connected, and whole people that are capable of giving and receiving love in our own optimal way. No matter what gender we identify as we have both masculine and feminine energy within us in our own unique balance that makes us who we are. However, somewhere along the way in our life an aspect our masculine and/or feminine energy was interrupted with different beliefs which create unresolved emotions. For example some people feel generally unsafe and anxious in their day to day lives which is a disruption in their masculine energy and when we feel unsafe often enough we stop allowing the life force and creative energy of the feminine to flow so we feel stuck, anxious, afraid, disconnected and unable to create the visions we have for ourselves. This disruption started most likely as a child but we can be aware of our energy system and work to connect to our Divine Masculine energy that is still there within us but is dormant. The masculine aspect of us must be intact in order for the feminine aspects of us to come out and play. So, I am creating this deck to help bring awareness of these aspects of ourselves so we can start to live in alignment with who we actually are as powerful creators on planet earth. The images and messages in this deck will offer another way of understanding how we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience and how those two aspects are supposed to be working together within each of us as individuals to create a unique life of joy, peace, passion and purpose.


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