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I Am Creating My New Oracle Deck

I have started to create my new deck. Well, some of you may remember that I started it about 2 years ago but it was not ready to be birthed at that time. There was more information to gather on my part and healing to do. I do believe that the creation of oracle decks comes directly from our own experiences and in this way our karma becomes our dharma and it is a way for us to expand others through our lived experience.

It will be an oracle deck for balancing our masculine and feminine energies and I will creating this and as I go I will be sharing my progress in Patreon as I go.

I started with the Root Chakra and if you join my patreon account - even for just $5 a month you can see my progress as I go.

Here is the first card as seen in my Patreon Post

I am Safe and Protected*

Root chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Supporting and balancing:

Emotions of Sacral Chakra

Feeling Ungrounded in Crown Chakra

Feeling Safe and protected in your body and in your life is a divine masculine energy that resides in the root chakra and can be activated within each and every one of us. Our divine masculine energy wants to take care of us and it is how we know that we are safe in this world. Safety and protection can be ours to feel in our own body. To look for it outside of us is just a band-aid that will not be sustainable if we don’t feel it within.

If you have chosen this card and you often feel anxious, afraid and intimidated by others, your root, solar plexus, and throat chakra need to be woken up so that your divine masculine energy can make you feel safe, protected, and like we belong in this world. We need our masculine energy to support and take care of our feminine energy to feel whole and to thrive and be creative. Without our divine masculine energy intact life is very difficult as we have a lot of fear, anxiety, low self esteem codependency, and little sense of security in our life. We feel we need to depend on others for those things and often we don’t even trust the source of the hand that is feeding us because we have lost faith and even reject the masculine. We reject it not only outside of us but we have learned to reject our own masculine energy. If we did not feel safe, secure and protected in the first 7 years of our life, especially in the first year, our masculine energy was, for the most part, made inactive and we learned not to trust the masculine because it was not looking out for us. From there many of us became empaths, constantly tracking the energy of others to try to mitigate or avoid conflict to the detriment of our own needs and sovereignty.

We can claim the divine masculine within us and feel whole. Anything other than that is not true and any belief that we have that contradicts the truth that we can feel safe, protected, secure, and we can be creative, hold space for our feelings, be passionate, intuitive and safely (even wildly) sexual beings, and live with our hearts open feeling sovereign and abundant is a lie. This is our true nature. It will show up differently in everyone and some people will have more masculine than feminine energy and some will have more feminine than masculine energy but all of these traits are part of our natural energy system. Claim your right to be here and to feel safe and protected by the Universe/Source energy.

Suggestions for claiming your feelings of safety and protection:

-Activate and balance your root,solar plexus chakras

-When you start to feel the presence of these chakras in your body then start looking at where in your life you get triggered and unsafe. Look at the stories and beliefs about the masculine energy that keep you in resistance to them within you.

Answer the question:

What beliefs, stories and identities do I have that are keeping me from claiming my Divine Masculine energy of knowing that I am safe and protected in my body and in this world?

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